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Announcing TechMasters After Dark: Parliamentary Procedure in Action


TechMasters – a Toastmasters chapter run by IT professionals in the Twin Cities – is hosting a Parliamentary Procedure in Action workshop. Tuesday, February 23rd at 6pm at ILM in Edina. Doors open at 5:30pm for networking and light food/refreshments. The workshop will be led by Mike Benkovich. With over twenty years of experience in Toastmasters, Mike has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

Be Heard. Don’t Miss the Motion. Dive into Parliamentary Procedure

When groups of people come together to get things done, we need a way to conduct business that follows established rules and help keep us on track. Since General Henry Robert introduced his rules of order in 1876, organizations have adopted its guidelines to give members and participants a way to be heard. In this hands on workshop, we start with getting a grounding on what the rules are and how they work. Then, we dive deeper to give participants an opportunity to demonstrate how to put them into practice. Join us for the Parliamentary Procedure in Action workshop.

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New Leadership Team!

This past week, a new leadership team was announced! You can always see the latest leadership team at:

The leadership team is made up of club members (volunteers) who run the business of the club. Officer terms run from July through June to match the Toastmaster International fiscal year

2015-2016 Leadership Team

President: Vince Bullinger
VP of Education: Alex Karamushko
VP of Membership: Mike Benkovich
VP of Public Relations: Clea Levinson
Secretary: William Austin
Treasurer: Brette Esterbrooks
Sergeant of Arms: Mohammad Faridi
Immediate Past President: Alex Karamushko

We have a lot of exciting new ideas into which we’re really going to be diving very soon. We’re looking to make this the most exciting and dynamic year in TechMasters history. Stay tuned! We’re going to be much more active in the social networking space and look to dramatically increase membership!

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Did you know…

Did you know that visitors are always welcome at TechMasters.    In the Edina location some members arrive around 7:30 AM and the meeting starts promptly at 7:40 AM.  Visitors are still welcome to come after the meeting has started.  We break around 8:15 and finish at 9:00, so we have a chance to welcome you even if you arrive after the meeting starts.     Please stop over, sign our guest book and fellow members will be happy to talk with you about TechMasters.  The full schedule for the Edina location can be found here.


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