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TechMasters Captures the Elusive Guilded Gavel

This morning, club President Vince Bullinger, Vice President of Membership Mike Benkovich (and his daughter) and Treasurer Brette Esterbrooks visited the Crest Toastmasters club in Eden Prairie. It is an advanced club filled with past district leaders that focus on improving Toastmasters clubs in the area.

This was a great opportunity to not only get the Elusive Gilded Gavel (EGG), but also to connect with advanced Toastmasters and see how they run a meeting. We promoted our upcoming TechMasters After Dark event as well, and passed out a handful of copies of our flyer for the event.

Now, other clubs will be visiting our club to not only see what we do well, but see if they can offer suggestions on how to improve. Also, we may snag members or dual members of other clubs if they like the way we run things or if they are technology-focused in their careers (as we are). Plus, we may end up in the district newsletter and on the EGG website.

Visiting other clubs is always a great idea, but advanced clubs like this one are a special treat.


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